Tengu Virtually Cute

If you are the type who likes highly-entertaining visuals while listening to your audio in your PC, then perhaps Tengu may be good for you.

Tengu is the latest toy gizmo out there that can accompany you by your desktop while you let yourself enjoy your music preferences. It is powered by connecting its USB peripheral to your PC.

What’s best about this one heck of a gadget is the fact that it lip-syncs the song you are listening to. With bright LEDs for its facial features, it creates several emotions or it will make lip movements as you do your work.

It is so emotive that it has 14 different facial features. Additionally, this virtual desktop companion is so easy to activate. All you have to do is blow at his face. You can also blow the mic beneath it to change the expression on its face.

It costs at around $50-$60 and it is available on online toy and gift shops as well as amazon.com.

Image source: www.amazon.com

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