Tempo Wearable Health Sensor For Seniors

TempoAs people grow old, their health becomes fragile and poor. They tend to suffer from age-related conditions. By the time people reach their 60’s and 70’s, constant health monitoring may become more and more essential. Wearable technology can play a big role in helping doctors and family members monitor an elderly patient or family member health and condition even when away. Devices like the new Tempo wrist health sensor may someday become an essential part of a senior’s daily attire.

The Tempo Wearable Health Sensor from CarePredict is a wrist sensor designed with seniors in mind. It features sensors that can keep track of different activities seniors get into on a daily basis. It can also monitor the wearer’s quality or amount of sleep as well as other activities such as eating, drinking, bathing and other essential activities. It can also help monitor a senior’s whereabouts in the home with the help of a network of room beacons as well as a communications hub to help monitor location and motion.

The Tempo can also keep track of a wearer’s rhythm of daily activities. The device can identify whether the wearer is simply taking a nap or may have fallen down somewhere. It can detect subtle changes in the usual pattern of activities. It can alert loved ones or caregivers in such instances to check up on the wearer now and then. The Tempo can also help provide indicators whether the wearer may be developing some underlying health conditions.

The Tempo is an ideal device for seniors who still love a sense of independence while loves ones prefer providing them some special attention due to their age. The Tempo can provide the middle ground where both parties can comfortably agree on. Seniors only need to wear the Tempo daily to let loved ones know his or her condition at all times. Loved ones can have the peace of mind leaving them to enjoy life with fewer intrusions. The Tempo is currently available for pre-order at Fundable for $169.

Image Source: Tempo on Fundable

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