Telescopic Lens for iPhone

telescopic leans for iphone

With the popularity of iPhone, introduction of accessories that are comparable to this mobile phone is bound to happen.  But of all the iPhone peripherals that have been available to the market, this one has got to be so up there in the "why didn’t I think of this" level.

The iTelescope is simple a small telescopic lens that you can attach to your iPhone for a closer view of the subject that you want to shoot while on camera mode.  This gives you bigger and close photos, especially if the subject is small but the available zoom function can only do so much.  The iPhone telescope can give up to 6 times telescopic zoom to your iPhone, a clear advantage when taking photos of hiking trails, spectator sports, and even rock concerts.

This unique telescopic camera lens also comes with a super wide angle, thus avoiding the contortion of image that everyone dreads while giving higher visual acuteness.  All you have to do is to fix it in your iPhone whenever you need that perfect shot, adjust the lens according to your needs, and you are done! Purchasing this iPhone accessory also comes with a crystal case.  Some people swear that this can be the greatest spy kit ever, but we do not want to give you the hint.  The iTelescope is available at US$19.

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