Tekkeon myPower ALL

tekkeon mypower all

Are you having problems charging all those gadgets you own? Would you like to have a device that can help you in the neediest situations? Or are you planning to escape the chaotic city for a few days, carrying only your backpack? In any case, there is no way you will go somewhere without bringing with you at least your iPod and your cell phone.

A very good solution could be Tekkeon’s myPower ALL, a device you can use to charge almost any gadgets. This device consists of a Li-Polymer battery (high-capacity) that you can charge straight from an electrical grid. It can be coupled to any gadget that needs a quick recharge. With this device, you can benefit from hours and hours of extended time on cell phones, MP3 players, laptops, portable CD players, as well as other 5V portable electronic products.

This efficient and capable lithium polymer battery is truly universal. It also detects the voltage of the connected device automatically, making it simple and quick to use. The device comes with a bonus USB output port, which allows you to charge small portable devices simultaneously. The latest version of the Tekkeon myPower ALL sells for around $160.

Image Source: Tekkeon

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