Teclast C700PS Portable Media Player

A portable media player has become a device that most people can’t bear to leave home without. Providing a ready source of entertainment available in one’s pocket, PMP’s have become almost a part of one’s everyday life. But there are some issues that people may still have on many PMP’s in the market- short battery life. But just recently, Teclast has introduced the new CP700PS PMP that may just help address that issue.

The new Teclast CP700PS Portable Media Player sports more than just the usual PMP features in terms of power longevity. Its battery power seems to offer a longer playing time than what most PMP’s may offer. According to tests, it can last for up to 65 hours of continuous mp3 playback while it can playback videos in 480p quality for up to 24 hours continuously for every charge. That would be more than enough that people may expect from a PMP.

The new Teclast C700PS features a 7 inch touch screen display with 800 x 480 resolution. It can also come with up to 8GB of internal memory and supports most of the common audio and video formats. Quite an interesting portable media player to have by virtue of its lengthy playing times per each battery charge, the price and the release date for the new Teclast C700PS PMP has not yet been confirmed though. Those interested may have to wait a bit longer for additional news on this unique device.

Image Source: Teclast

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