Technovision 205-Inch Luxio LED HDTV

Technovision Luxio 205 inch LED TV

There is a new type of television that has recently come up and it has led to the birth of the world’s largest television screen to date. Technovision has unveiled an incredible 205-inch television that is based on LED Technology. Dubbed as the Luxio, the Italian company came up with this giant LED television screen that has so far surpassed Sharp’s 108-inch LCD TV.

The Technovision Luxio 205 inch LED TV is not an LCD type of TV. It is made up of an intricate array of LED’s that work together to make up a huge single image on the screen. The Luxio is not only huge in terms of screen size, it also has features that equal or even surpass other current televisions. Thanks to LED technology, the Luxio provides better brightness quality with images coming our sharper despite its huge size.

This technology also allows the company to come out with a TV screen with this incredible dimensions. There is no longer a need to assemble an array of several TV sets and making them work up a single image, therefore giving you a huge TV display. What’s more, the Luxio is also HD ready so picture quality is also at par with current television formats.

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