Technogym Running Music Treadmill

Technogym Running Music TreadmillWith more people trying to get fit, many gadget makers will try to create products that will help try to keep them interested in keeping up with doing their regular fitness activities. For those who like running, treadmills help keep them doing what they love to do even if the weather does not permit them to do their running outdoors. But sometimes runners may find it dull doing their running inside the home. The new Technogym Running Music Treadmill will try to make things interesting for those who find using such gadgets dull.

The Technogym Running Music Treadmill is the first interactive music treadmill in the world. It is part of Technogym’s Mywellness platform to enable users to get a more personalized training experience inside and outside of the gym. In the Technogym Running Music Treadmill, runners will be able to run to music that works well with their current running pace and speed. The system can detect the number of steps the runner makes and the stream the music from your personal music playlist that is suited to your running rhythm. This can help give fitness enthusiasts something to look forward to whenever they do their treadmill activities. The Technogym Running Music Treadmill is just part of the company’s system of other fitness products aiming to help integrate different technologies to make exercise and fitness activities more efficient as well as convenient. The Technogym Running Music Treadmill will be on exhibit this coming January at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Image Source: Business Wire

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