Technocel Battery Boost

There is no telling just when your mobile phone might ran out of battery power. There are times when you just plainly forget to charge it. The next thing you know, you have a phone with no power just when you need to make that important phone call while going somewhere. It’s a good thing to know that there are handy emergency power backups available like the Technocel Battery Boost that you can always bring along.

The Technocel Battery Boost is a handy device designed to provide users with emergency power when needed while on the road. It contains a 600mAh battery that can provide up to an additional 1 hour’s worth of talk time on your cellphone. It can also be used to charge up other microUSB devices as well.

The Technocel Battery Boost also has other added features that would make it even more useful. It can be used as a MicroSD card reader and has a retractable USB connector that make make it function as a portable flash drive to store photos, documents and other digital media files. It also has a small carabiner clip that can make it function as a handy key chain or to attach it securely anywhere. The Technocel Battery Boost is set to be made available at Sprint Stores in the US and may cost around US$30.

Image Source: Technocel

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