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Relaxation can come in different forms. And people who go through daily stress need to relax now and then just to stay sane. Various forms of stimulation from a unique source can sometimes help  give the brain a reboot that it needs. One of the more popular and trendy  relaxation methods is ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. You can now enjoy this relaxation method in your iPhone with the TeasEar ASMR app.

The TeasEar ASMR app enables iPhone users to enjoy and relax to the subtle sound stimulation via ASMR.  Users have the chance to try out a wide range of textures that produces sound triggers to stimulate relaxation and melt off the stress away. Once a type of texture is chosen, touching the screen with the fingers can trigger users can then tap, slide or even scratch to produce soothing sounds as if handling the real thing. Additional textures are also available for users on a subscription basis. But all in all, the TeasEar ASMR aims to help you get some much needed stress relief on the go and when you need it. The app is available for free download with a limited number of textures to try out at the App Store.

Image Source: App Store

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