TDK Wireless Charging Speaker

When it comes to speakers, people usually have good quality sound to think off when choosing the best ones. But with the advent of mobile devices becoming the main music player for most people, some of the preferences may tend to change. Now, people may consider wireless features as a big part of choosing a speaker. In the case of the new TDK Life on Record Speaker, it has something else to bring into the table.

The TDK Life On Record is a wireless speaker that brings more than just good audio. This unique wireless speaker is even designed to wirelessly charge your portable device by way of its inductive charging capabilities via Qi technology. It can charge Qi compatible devices wirelessly, making this wireless speaker somehow stand out in a speaker market that usually offer much of the same features again and again.

The TDK Wireless Charging Speaker comes with Bluetooth v2.1 connectibility that can pair a compatible music playing device to stream your favorite songs. And when your device is compatible with Qi technology or using a Qi device case, you can even charge it at the same time by simply putting the device on top of the speaker. Great sound is provided by 4 full range speakers and a ported subwoofer. Built-in treble and base settings makes it more convenient for users to adjust audio output to one’s preferences. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that is god for up to 6 hours of continuous play. The TDK Wireless Charging Speaker is available at TDK for around US$400.

Image Source: TDK

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