TDK Sound Cube

For avid music lovers always moving around, it pays to have a portable speaker system handy aside from the usual headphones. But most portable speakers out there can only provide decent sound quality that others may not like that much. TDK may have another option available with its new Life on Record Sound Cube.

The TDK Sound Cube provides multi-directional sound output that comes with both power and clarity. It features 2 powerful coaxial drivers that deliver some powerful sound at 20W RMS in such a unique and bold design. It features controls for tuning, volume and tone as well as its own innovative equalizer display.

The TDK Sound Cube supports Apple iDevices its media players as well as other types of USB supported smartphones and devices. It also comes with an AM/FM Radio. The TDK Sound Cube is available at Amazon for US$300.

Image Source: TDK

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