TDK Life on Record Trans-it Edge USB Drive

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TDK Life on Record will release the Trans-it Edge USB Drive sometime in November this year. This device provides multiple functions, including good storage memory for different electronics device and data safety features. It features a special casing that keeps the internal parts safe from harsh elements, impact, and shock. The flash drive’s casing is made of metallic materials, ensuring that it can last long while functioning flawlessly.

With an LED indicator, you can see if the USB drive is connected to your PC and if it is functioning well. This latest product from TDK also has a slider interface that protects the port connector. This design is perfect for users who always misplace the cover of their flash drives. Trans-it Edge USB Drive also features a simple plug and play capacity that allows you to use the device with much ease and convenience.

The flash drive will be available in three models: 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB. The price ranges from $44.99 to $124.99. They all feature a sophisticated, sleek, and compact design that will definitely meet the requirements of the modern lifestyle. TDK announced that the Trans-it Edge USB Drive will be released next month and can be bought from major electronics stores, online retail stores, and also from their website.

Image Source: TDK

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