Tata Motors Set to Bring Electric Cars to Europe

Tata Motors, India’s largest car manufacturer, has announced that its electric vehicles Indica and Ace EV are bound for Europe in the coming months, starting off with the United Kingdom as early as September and on Scandinavian nations early next year.

The company is seizing the opportunity out of the UK government’s Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Grant Programme, a campaign to promote the use of electric vehicles in the country. Tata Motors European Technical Centre had received a £10-million (US$15.642 million) loan to develop the Indica Vista EV for the UK market. The company has invested £25 million ($39.105 million) into the project.

Meanwhile, introducing the company’s electric vehicles are much easier in Scandinavia as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden already have infrastructure in place. Also, Tata Motors has a 72 percent share over Norway’s Miljo Grenland, which specializes in developing innovative solutions for electric vehicles.

Source: The Hindu Business Line, via Engadget

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