Tata Indica Electric Car

Tata Indica V2

The Indian car maker Tata, known for making the uber-inexpensive Nano, introduced its latest concept model at the SAE World Congress in Detroit this year.  They unveiled their first electric car in the franchise:  The Tata Indica.

With the looks of the model being introduced, it seems like hatchback electric car Tata Indica is close to full development, as it is planned to be sold first in Norway either late this year or in early 2010.  Although the actual Tata Indica was not introduced in the motor show, the Indica EV (see picture) gives the car enthusiasts an idea on what the model would look like.

Why is Tata planning to introduce Indica in Norway first, you ask?  It is because that while they are known in the United States as the maker of the most inexpensive street vehicle, in the European market they want to become known for its electric cars.  Norway, meanwhile, gives high taxes on gasoline-powered vehicles thus making the cost of buying an electric car almost the same as buying a gas-guzzling vehicle.  This gives customers an "interesting choice."

Tata plans to expand the Indica to other European markets, and possibly in the United States.  Everything is vague as of the moment, from the features to the pricing, but being a really cheap car, expect these features to be little bit limited.

Image source:  TataMotors.com 

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