Targus Touch Pen For Windows 8

One of the main features of the new Windows 8 OS is that it provides support for touch screen devices, which is prevalent in many consumer gadgets today. With laptops slowly getting into touch screen territory, the Windows 8 OS can be a fitting platform for use on similar upcoming devices. But what if you use Windows 8 but do not yet have a touch laptop? Well, you can still use the OS as you normally can, just without using its touch functions. Fortunately, you can simulate such a function on any ordinary laptop with Windows 8 by using this new Targus Touch Pen.

The Targus Touch Pen is a unique stylus pen that can offer some simulated touch features to your regular laptop running on Windows 8. With the Targus Touch Pen, you do not need to buy a touch screen laptop to explore the touch support functions of the new Windows 8 OS. This unique pen device is good enough to convert your ordinary notebook or laptop into a touch screen device.

The Targus Touch Pen is a plug and play device that comes with a pen and a small receiver that you can connect to your laptop via a USB port. The small receiver comes with a magnet that conveniently sticks to your laptop to keep it in place. Once connected, you go through a one-time calibration process to adjust the pen to your laptop screen. Once finished, you can use the Targus Touch Pen to simulate the touch features on your regular laptop. You can now get the benefits of a touch screen laptop without having to buy a new one. The Targus Touch Pen is compatible with laptops and ultrabooks with up to 17-inch screen sizes running on Windows 8. It is available at the Targus site for US$100.

Image Source: Targus

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