TapTap wristband lets couples tap their love

TapTap wristband

TapTap wristband

Long-distance relationships are easier to manage nowadays with the help of social media, phone calls, text messages, and messaging apps. However, nothing beats the power of touch, something this startup wants to simulate.

Woodenshark presents the TapTap, a wristband-like device that helps couples communicate without having to use a screen. Instead, users communicate through taps, with one user tapping the wristband and the other feeling it vibrate as it relays those pokes.

This gadget can run up to seven days on a single charge. Before using the TapTap, the user should download an app and connect it to their own email address and the email of the person wearing the other TapTap. The wristband works with iPhone 4S and newer models, as well as Android smartphones that have Bluetooth 2.1 and above.

TapTap wristband

TapTap senses the taps through the help of a capacitive sensor and an accelerometer. It is also equipped with LED lights that flash when you miss any taps or when the wristband is low on battery power.

In an interview with Mashable, Woodenshark founder Dmitry Gorilovsky said that while the device is originally intended for dating couples, pledgers in its Kickstarter campaign have suggested alternative uses like turning TapTap into a secret language tool among close friends and family. The company is also developing the TapTap to work compatibly with smart alarms and game controllers.

As of this writing, TapTap’s Kickstarter campaign has only 61 hours to go but it has yet to reach its funding goal of $130,000. It has so far garnered close to $82,000 in pledges.

Pledgers can get two TapTap wristbands for $130. It comes in different patterns that users can easily change by taking the module out the device and placing it on another.

Source: Mashable

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