Tap 'N' Play and Mobile Movies

Tap N Play

You are stuck in a heavy traffic and extreme boredom strikes you. Good thing you have your mobile phone with you. You switch it on, browse online videos, and view your favorite wacky Japanese TV shows on YouTube. You are laughing out so loud that your stomach begins to cramp. Then you switch to playing a music game where you have to pop small bubbles. You thank God for the cool applications for your mobile phone. They come in handy when you really need them.

One of the more popular applications for your cell phone is Mobile Movies. With this tool you can browse and view your favorite online videos on your cell phone. You can watch these videos from sites such as Metacafe and YouTube. vTap is presently available on Apple’s iPhone, Windows Mobile phones, and other devices. This application is free of charge. It is great if you have nothing else to do and just want to kill time.

Another cool tool is Tapulous’ Tan ‘N’ Play. In this game, you need to tap bubbles descending from three colored light beams to the beat of music. Sure, shaking and tapping your cell phone in synch with the music may not sound useful. But it is very addicting, allowing you to have fun. It looks easy but it is actually hard to play.  The company that also made Tap Tap Revenge reported that iPhone users have downloaded this tool more than a million times. The basic version of Tap ‘N’ Play is free but the upcoming premium version will cost $10.

Image Source: Yahoo Shopping 

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