Tanita ES-100, The Body Odor Detector

A lot of people are quite sensitive about how they smell. They always wish to smell good and avoid being caught with unpleasant body odor. There are situations where it cannot be avoided. But still, some people just need to know if they smell “differently” before the others do. And while it may take a sensitive nose to detect early body odor, some people who don’t have that keen sense can use this new Tanita ES-100 body odor detector instead.

Detecting Body Odor

The Tanita ES-100 is a unique device that can tell users about their smell profile before it can get worse. It is available in Japan, a country where a good impression can take you places. When the Japanese can now have away to measure body odor, you can, too. This device comes with sensors similar to that used in breathalyzers to detect alcohol. But this time, the sensors will try to detect the presence of chemical compounds known to create different unpleasant smells. All one needs to do is to power up the hand-held device and then place it somewhere the user suspects a potential body odor may be coming from. For around ten seconds, the Tanita ES-100 sensors will check the surrounding air for potential unpleasant odors and then provide its level on a scale of one to ten. The higher the number of the surrounding air in question, the worse the smell will be.

The Tanita ES-100 may be a simple gadget, but it offers a function that many people would welcome. It was launched in time for the upcoming summer season when hot and humid air can cause a lot of odors to come out. With the Tanita ES-100, at least you can do something about it before the body odor gets worse. The portable odor detector can be your lifesaver. It is expected to be available on August of this year for around $30 to $40.

Image Source: Tanita

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