Takumi Bridge Compact Shredder

Paper shredders are not always just useful at the office. Even the home may find many uses for a paper shredder to get rid of security sensitive documents such as receipts and personal mails. But with office shredders designed for office use, it might not be conveniently small enough to use at home. A useful alternative would be this new Takumi Bridge Paper Shredder.

The Takumi Bridge Paper Shredder is a small and portable motorized paper shredder that can be used with most home trash an as a dumping point. It can be placed on top of any trash can at home to use as a paper shredder. It can be such a space saver for most homes. The Takumi Bridge Compact Shredder is available at Takumi for 3,675 Japanese Yen or around US$45.

Image Source: Takumi

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