Takes iPhone App Turns Photos into Video Clips

You have already heard about Vine and its six-second clips you can share with your social networks, but a similar app is gearing to steal the spotlight.

Take, which debuts today, allows users to take photos and turn them into shareable video clips, complete with background music.

Amit Man, founder of Take, tells Mashable he was inspired from watching a Harry Potter film, which featured photos in newspapers that move, and thought about how cool it would be if “I could make every photo come alive.”

Take looks like any traditional camera app, including a camera icon located at the bottom of the screen that works as a shutter button. When you take pictures using Take, however, it actually saves your still image and a short video clip before the moment you clicked. The length of the video is based on how important Take thinks the photo is.

For instance, if the photo is a quick shot, the corresponding clip would be short. However, if you are really careful in composing the subject before hitting the shutter would yield a longer video segment.

Photos are then geo-tagged and saved in a special Camera Roll folder for Takes. When you are ready editing your video clip, just select any number of photos and then let the app convert the pics into something like this. You can choose a music track from the app’s library to go with your clip and even add filters for that Instagram-ish look.

These Takes can be saved on your phone, sent to friends through email, or shared on Facebook and Twitter. The app is available for free on the App Store, with future versions for other mobile platforms in the works.

Source: Mashable

Image source: Takes

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