Takara Tomy Virtual Master Real Fishing

Sport fishing has become quite a popular hobby that extends to both genders as well as appeal to people young and old. But it is a sport that one may not be able to enjoy as often as one may want to in a life with other busy schedules to attend to. But there may be a fun and enjoyable alternative available in the form of the new Takara Tomy Virtual Master Real Fishing.

The Takara Tomy Virtual Master Real is a device designed like a fishing rod armed with its own display screen. It is actually a realistic fishing simulation game that avid anglers can play wherever they are. The game provides a realistic simulated physical feedback of a fish being caught. Users then tries to reel in the fish using the right methods or else risk losing the “digital fish”. Simulated feedback for a fish biting as well as line tensions make this game as realistic as possible for a device this portable. Unfortunately, the Takara Tomy Virtual Master Real Fishing Rod is expected to enter the Japanese market sometime in July of this year. It is expected to retail around JPY 6,279 or around US$77.

Image Source: Takara Tomy Japan

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