Takara Tomy AutoMee S Mini Robot Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners have become increasingly common. People are no longer surprised that such gadgets exist. But they certainly will be surprised that there can be a device small enough to operate just like those usual large robot vacuums. The new Takara Tomy AutoMee S works the same way, only that it cleans your tablet and smartphone screens instead.

The Takara Tomy AutoMee S is a unique mini robot cleaner designed to clean those dirty and oily smartphone and tablet screens. Takara Tomy is known as a toy company that creates great toys. But this time they have come up with something that serves a function aside from being fun to use. With the AutoMee S, it will now be fun cleaning your smartphone and tablet screen when it becomes dirty.

Instead of a vacuum cleaner, the AutoMee S cleans touch screens by means of rotating cleaning papers instead of suction power that most robot vacuums feature. Just like those robot vacuums, the AutoMee S also comes with sensors that help it stay within the boundaries that it needs to clean. The Takara Tomy AutoMee S is expected to be available sometime in March for around 1,575 Japanese Yen. That is around US$17.

Image Source: Takara Tomy

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