Tag Heuer Prosthetic Leg

Prosthetic legs have helped a lot of people who are burdened of having just one leg for the rest of their lives.  These have been designed according to our understanding on the human anatomy and leg movement.  However, many amputees feel that prosthesis does not fit their lifestyle, that it looks "more pathetic" wearing an artificial leg that makes them walk like Robo-cop.

Designer Koo Ho Shin has come up with a prototype of a prosthetic leg that aims to convert a utilitarian gear into a highly fashionable accessory that reflects the amputee’s fashion sense, something that he or she would be glad to show off.  And since the prosthesis is co-branded with Tag Heuer, expect a sporty and high-end feel to the artificial leg.

The project began by studying the body form, biomorphic shapes, then incorporating it with Tag Heuer’s accentuated, bold, and glamorous details.  After taking everything into consideration, from observing the current products in the market to the opinions of amputees who were asked during the development of this project, Koo Ho Shin came up with a revolutionary customized prosthetic leg that features a hubless knee made up of carbon fiber, one of the strongest materials today. 

The prosthesis is shaped to look like the amputee’s other leg, which is then modified according to the condition of the limb.  The artificial knee is supported with steel mesh and titanium, while the foot is lined with a non-skid composite rubber.  This makes it even more comfortable for amputees to walk around with shoes off.  Eighteen-karat gold and calfskin leather are also added for a fashionable touch.

The public reaction towards the Tag Heuer prosthetic leg has been positive so far, with many amputees inquiring when this will be available to the market.  Meanwhile, the demand for prosthetic legs could go higher through the years because of accidents, war, and the increase of type 2 Child diabetes.

Image Source:  Pasly.com

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