Tactical Fire Striker Pen

The creature comforts during outdoor camping remains simple and no-nonsense. The essence of camping is that it simplifies life and lets people experience a day or two without the technological complications that daily life has become. For a while, people can get away from those various gadgets and devices that, while keep people connected to the grid, can also make life stressful. People can learn how to enjoy the simpler things in life. Essentials like fire for warmth become more significant since people need to make them onsite. To make it a simple task for some people, they can consider using the Tactical Fire Striker Pen to help them create some fire for warmth on the campsite.

The Tactical Fire Striker Pen is a handy device to have around the camp. It is a workable writing implement that just so happens also doubles as a fire striker. Twisting lets you use the pen for writing. Unscrewing the clip end of the pen gets you to reveal the fire striker hidden inside.

The Tactical Fire Striker Pen becomes an effective tool to create fires on camp. After unscrewing the pen, just rub the fire striker on the grooves of the pen body to create sparks. Just point the sparks into some kindling and you can create fire for warmth and cooking in no time at all. The Tactical Fire Striker Pen is a useful device around, even if you are not really an avid camper. You can use it as a pen most of the time. But you will also have that peace of mind that you will always have that option to create a fire when one is needed. The Tactical Fire Striker Pen is available at ThinkGeek for US$40.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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