TableTop Translator iPad App

The Internet has allowed people from different parts of the world to easily connect to each other. Now, it is more than possible to have a chat with someone who lives on the other part of the globe than ever before. But still, there are some limitations and obstacles that face people even when having a face to face conversation with someone. The language barrier is just but one of them. But this TableTop Translator iPad app will make it easier this time to have conversations with someone speaking another language.

The TableTop Translator app is a unique iPad app that becomes your personal translator when conversations with someone using a different language are required. This unique app comes with a database of over 40 languages that can be set on the iPad and have the device placed on a tabletop in front of two people about to have a conversation. The app then recognizes the speech that the other person is using and then translates it for the other person. The same goes when it’s the other person’s turn to speak.

Having the TableTop Translator is just like having a personal translator handy to help people of different languages understand each other when having a conversation. It translates while a person is speaking, making it a convenient translator to have around when having a chat. The app comes with a very accurate speech recognition engine that makes this possible. The language barrier need not be an obstacle for people to interact with each other having the TableTop Translator iPad app around. It can be handy for businessmen as well as frequent travelers going to different places. The TableTop Translator iPad app is available at the App Store for a US$3 download.

Image Source: App Store

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