T-fal Digital Toaster

For most people, bread toasters may just simply be bread toasters and that’s that. But for others, getting the perfect toast all of the time during breakfast means everything in the world. That might be a bit of exaggeration, but for those who just can’t settle for burnt toast, technology might be of help with the T-fal Digital toaster.

The T-fal Digital Toaster no longer becomes just any other ordinary toaster. This toaster is able to provide a variety of different toasting options for users. It features 1 to 8 variable browning control to achieve the quality of browning you require of your toast. A defrost and reheat function is also avoidable in case users might need them. Self-adjusting extra wide slots make it an ideal toaster for breads of different thickness. An LCD display to help you keep track of your bread toasting. The T-fal Digital Toaster is available at T-fal for US$40.

Image Source: T-fal

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