Symbian Releases Symbian^3 as it Ventures into Open-Source

Symbian^3 Platform

The Symbian Foundation, the developer of the Symbian mobile OS usually found in Nokia phones , unveiled the Symbian^3 (or S^3) platform.  This is Symbian’s first open-source platform, which features finger-friendly navigation, faster networking, acceleration for 2D and 3D graphics, HDMI support, and multitasking among others.

To elaborate, the user interface adopts a direct “single tap” interaction, which makes it easier to complete common tasks.  Meanwhile, the HDMI support enables S^3-powered devices to be plugged into a TV and watch high-definition movies at 1080p quality.  S^3 also features music store integration that is embedded within the radio, which automatically identifies a song and provide more information about it, as well as links the user with a chosen music store.  The Homescreen supports multiple pages of widgets that users simply flick to move between them.

To fully explain how S^3 works, watch this video demonstration .

The platform is now available for developers to utilize, while the devices carrying the S^3 OS are expected to come out by the third quarter of this year.

Source:  Business Wire

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