Swoosh Desktop Washing Machine

Some people find it tedious to have to wash clothes in batches. Since washing machines are designed to wash baskets of clothes, it sometimes won’t make sense machine washing just a handful of laundry. Some people just make do with hand washing them. For those who like a bit more convenience, they can instead make use of this unique Swoosh Desktop Washing Machine.

The Swoosh Desktop Washing Machine is designed for washing clothes one at a time. It has a capacity for 250 grams worth of laundry load, enough of a blouse or a shirt or a couple pairs of dirty socks. It is specially designed to wash laundry too small for the big machines. The Swoosh Desktop Washing Machines can accommodate 5 liters of water and comes with its own motor for washing clothes clean. The Swoosh Desktop Washing Machine is available at Japanese online retailer King Jim for 14,700 Japanese Yen or around US$160.

Image Source: King Jim

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