Swissvoice ePure Telephone

Even while mobile phones have taken the place of the ordinary landline telephone in terms of usage, they still do find a place at the home or the office. Their use is still considered essential, especially if those mobile phones run out of power. But just because home landline phones may be considered as an old invention by most folks doesn’t mean that they can’t be designed to look more up to date. Just by looking at this new Swissvoice ePure Telephone and you will get the idea.

The new Swissvoice ePure Telephone is how an old home device should be designed to look more updated. The design is followed after that of a computer icon of the device but still holds on to some if its classic features for its handset and base. That makes it current in terms of looks and yet still have that classic touch.

In terms of features, the Swissvoice ePure Telephone get some modern upgrade. The handset is wireless and comes with a 1.4″ dot matrix display. It also provides handsfree operation and comes with a clock and appointments alarm, adjustable ringer and loudspeaker volume as well as a 100 name phone storage. The Swissvoice ePure Telephone is available at Firebox for 70 UK Pounds or around US$113.

Image Source: Firebox

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