Swish Mini Phone

Mobile phones have become a common and indispensible gadget for most people. While most people usually look for the high tech and advanced that the new mobile phones come with, some only look for the basic features that all mobile phones provide. And for seniors who look for a simple to use mobile phone, this unique Swish Mini Phone may be a good candidate.

The Swish Mini Phone may be considered as one of the smallest mobile phones around. It is designed for use by people who look for simple controls to operate the device. It works on the GSM network and comes with 3 buttons. Two buttons can be programmed beforehand to dial phone numbers of loved ones at just a press of a button. An SOS button is also available that users can instantly press during emergencies. It instantly dials the two preset numbers as well as provides GSM base station coordinates for location. The Swish Mini Phone is ideal for use by seniors as well as kids as it can conveniently be carried with a lanyard and placed around the neck. The Swish Mini Phone is available at 285 Euros or US$382.

Image Source: Swish

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