Swing Shot Android Game App

Simple games rule for some people when it comes to mobile games. But despite the simplicity, these games should have some challenge involved as well in order to matter. The Swing Shot Android game app ideally fits into this category quite well.

The Swing Shot Android game app is a simple casual game that can keep you engaged for hours and hours. The game involves monkeys and other animals hanging on trees. The objective is for players to hurl weapons into opposing monkeys and animals hanging on the other side and make them fall down into oblivion. As a player, you can throw rocks, beehives and even fruits. They, in turn, will also throw items at you to make you fall. Those who are able to make all the hanging animals fall down end up the winner.

The Swing Shot Android game app makes use of life-like movement s to make the game as real as possible. Controls are just a simple touch and drag on the screen, which of course also requires good aim and some hand and eye coordination as well. There are different ways to play with 4 world settings and 48 stages available in Arcade Mode. The Swing Shot Android game app is available at Google Play for free download.

Image Source: Google Play

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