Swine Flu Tracker App for iPhone Coming

Swine Flu Tracker

The recent swine flu scare is still on its early stages where the worst is yet to come. The scare has gone worldwide and has been keeping a lot of people’s attention at present. And a not so few enterprising individuals have been trying to ride on that attention in many ways.

Aside from online swine flu emails containing malware that started flooding on the Internet and into inboxes, there are other ways in which the emerging disease pandemic is trying to get other people’s attention. According to an article at TechCrunch, there is even an app being developed for the iPhone will be about tracking areas where the recent flu cases might have already been reported.

IntoApps, a developer of apps for Apple’s iPhone, has developed an app called Swine Flu Tracker. As seen from screenshots on TechCrunch, the said app would be able to show the current threat level of the of the current threat, areas where reported cases of swine flu may have already been logged as well as other important alerts and information about the current disease threatening to spread worldwide.

From where it stands, IntoApps is only awaiting for approval from Apple to have the Swine Flu Tracker released as a download at the App Store. It would be a free download for everyone who may wish to keep track of where the threat of swine flu stands at any current moment. But so far it is not yet available and people just have to wait and see. It may be good to keep abreast of such things as serious as swine flu. There’s nothing quite as exciting as waiting when the cases of swine flu will be hitting your area.

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