Swiftpoint Mouse

The PC mouse has become an essential peripheral for computers. But when it comes to laptops and notebooks, using the ordinary PC mouse may prove to be more of an inconvenience. For those who wish to experience typical mouse functions while using their laptops and notebooks, the new Swiftpoint Mouse may provide a more convenient alternative, especially to that of a laptop’s touchpad.

The Swiftpoint Mouse is designed differently from that of a traditional PC mouse. It is relatively smaller and is wireless for added convenience when used with a laptop or notebook. It is designed to have a more natural pen-like grip that helps prevent hand cramps with lengthy usage. It also features a precise operation and is considered as fast and accurate. It is even more efficient to use than a touchpad. It can also be conveniently charged via the laptop’s USB port. The unique Swiftpoint Mouse is available at Swiftpoint for US$80.

Image Source: Swiftpoint

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