SwatchMate Cube: Captures colors from anywhere

SwatchMate Cube

SwatchMate Cube

For graphic artists and designers, the eyedrop is an essential tool in creating and manipulating images in Photoshop and similar software. It copies the color the eyedrop picks up, which is then used to brush an area.

But sometimes there are shades that can be hard to spot on the software’s color wheel, or you spot a color on a graffiti wall that you want to apply on your digital work. A group of university friends has developed a gadget that could copy your desired color while on the go. The SwatchMate Cube acts as a swatch grabber, recording any color from any object placed underneath it. It can store up to 20 swatches locally, while it can also send an unlimited amount of shades to any device via Bluetooth Low Energy.

SwatchMate Cube

Cofounders Djordje Dikic, Rocky Liang, and Paul Peng designed the SwatchMate Cube for designers and artists to gain inspiration from colors found in nature. The device won the 2013 Melbourne and Sydney Design Awards (as well as getting short listed for the 2014 Brisbane Design Awards).

The project has had a successful Kickstarter campaign, exceeding over $100,000 Australian dollars and double its target goal. They even set up a second campaign, this time on Indiegogo, which also serves as its e-shop. Backers are able to unlock stretch goals including a thermometer and light intensity sensor.

The founders aim to make the SwatchMate Cube available to consumers by June 2014. While there is no exact price point yet, backers can pre-order starting at $80 AUD.

Source: Mashable

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