Survivor Borneo: The Complete Season

Survivor Borneo

Fifteen seasons after, let’s go back to where it all begun. It was the year 2000 when the first season of Survivor was introduced to the lonely television of the world.

Here arises the new concept of entertainment: with the audience acting as voyeur to 16 people fighting for their footing to remain as the last person standing in the 39th day in a remote island of Borneo. This season reinvents TV viewing, thus the reality television was established at its best.

The DVD package includes a five-disc set which comprises all 13 episodes and Outrageous Moments extra feature. In these discs comprises all the challenges, tribal councils, political maneuvers, strategies and deceptions that deem the show very exciting. Watch out for the exciting yet controversial season finale plus the reunion show.

Also included in the DVD are audio commentaries by the host Jeff Probst and contestants Richard Hatch, Gervase Peterson and Rudy Boesch and the featurettes: the Survivors leaving Los Angeles enroute to Borneo and the the Survivors being interviewed by David Letterman.

Definitely this season brings a lot of memories as it started the mark of Reality TV revolution. Owning this DVD is a must have.

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