Surfit Qubo Mini Projector

Home entertainment has become quite varied nowadays. People today have more choices than ever before when it comes to being entertained and enjoy it. From the visual point of view, people are no longer just limited to a television, a computer or a smartphone. There are other options now available, especially that of the portable kind. The Surfit Qubo Mini Projector is but just one example.

The Surfit Qubo Mini Projector is a portable option for people who wish to enjoy movies or digital videos in a different way. This mini projector is capable of projecting video to an optimal display size from 20 to 100 inches. That can be bigger than the usual television screen at home. It does so with an actual 150 ANSI lumens WVGA bright display at a native resolution of 854 x480 pixels. Connecting with gadgets will not be a problem as it also features a 2.4G/5G dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and even USB 3.0 connectivity. It is convenient to connect wirelessly with the mini projector just as well as with wired options.

The Surfit Qubo Mini Projector also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack so that the larger video screen can be accompanied with equally larger sound coming from external speakers. The mini projector also comes with 2GB worth of RAM and 16GB of internal memory, allowing users to store their favorite movies and watch it from wherever they are. It also comes with up to 4 hours of projection time, thanks to a magnetic detachable battery that can also function as a powerbank.  It runs on an Android platform and can work with a variety of entertainment apps such as Hulu, Netflix, Youtube and others.

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