Surfango PowerSurf FX

Surfango PowerSurf FX

Tired of conventional surfing? Then Surfango PowerSurf FX is perfect for you if you want to have that ultimate surfing experience. The surfboard features a four-stroke 9.5hp motor to satisfy your hunger for speed – you can surf at a maximum speed of 40 kph. You can easily control the speed by using the hand held throttle (with start and stop buttons), and the direction by shifting your weight, allowing for great speed and maneuverability.

With the Surfango PowerSurf FX, you don’t have to wait for eternity for waves as you can now make your own. The superior surfboard is perfect for beginners who want to feel the exciting sensation of surfing. You can enjoy this surfboard in calm and rough waters. The water-craft is the first of its kind as it combines the rush of surfing, jet-skiing, and water-skiing, creating the ultimate ride.

Surfango PowerSurf FX features a non-slip foot pad, patented jet-pump with weed cutter, 2-gallon gas tank with 2 hours of runtime at full throttle, optional storage cover, optional EZ-move beach cart, and a closed loop water cooling system. It also comes with a modified grill at a very small cost. The surfboard weighs 112 lbs and has dimensions of 97" x 27.5".

Image Source: Surfango 

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