Surf Chair by Kenneth Lylover

Surf Chair

The Surf Chair is a designer piece combining both art and technology. Form and function come together in this lovely creation designed by Kenneth Lylover. It is both an art piece and a PC workstation in one. And a cool workstation it is.

The Surf Chair may be unlike the typical PC set up that you might have seen. It is a one piece creatively designed workstation that is also a rocking chair, in true creative fashion. Unlike most workstations that you may have been accustomed to, the Surf Chair is a relaxing departure from the typical office or home set-up that may not have been designed for long hours of PC use or surfing the Internet.

Just by the looks of the Surf Chair, you know that you are in for a comfortable experience. Aside from being more of an artwork than a functional furniture (actually, it is both), the Surf Chair offers a type of comfort that other workstation may not be able to. the long and curving body of the chair is fitted with several pillows that not only enhance its looks but also provide some much-needed cushion and body support for the user.

Unlike the typical workstation, this cool piece of art has its computer monitor is fixed and suspended in front of the user. This chair doesn’t have a fixed area where the keyboard and the mouse can be placed. Maybe to heighten the relaxing mood even better, the user places the keyboard on his lap as he uses the Surf Chair and browses over the Internet. Quite a cool thing to do especially when you are trying to relax and visiting your favorite online hang-outs.

Image Source: Kenneth Lylover

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