SuperTooth Buddy Hands Free Car Kit

While smartphones are already considered portable as they are, it seems that there are still some people who seem to find them too big to answer calls through them. Well, at least there are instances where some smartphone users would find it more convenient using hands free speakerphones instead, like when they are in the car. These people may surely find the new SuperTooth Buddy Hands Free Car Kit.

The SuperTooth Buddy is a convenient Bluetooth Hands Free device that allows users to conveniently answer and make phone calls via Bluetooth 2.1 technology. This allows for auto pairing and connection of your smartphone with the SuperTooth Buddy. It can also be used for pairing two of your Bluetooth enabled mobile phones simultaneously.

The SuperTooth Buddy Hands Free Car Kit comes with an anti-echo microphone, voice recognition dialing, call waiting feature as well as a battery that offers 20 hours worth of talk time and 1000 hours standby time. It is now available at Hypercel for US$60.

Image Source: SuperTooth

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