Superhero Leg Lamps are perfect, geeky stocking stuffers

Superhero Leg Lamps

Superhero Leg Lamps

It is that time of the year when we rewatch classic holiday movies. If “A Christmas Story” is included in your DVD arsenal, chances are you remember that iconic scene involving a table lamp the size of a leg, with fake fishnet stocking to boot.

While you can buy reproductions of that leg lamp online, would you really want to shell out $200 just to purchase a lamp with a glowing leg? Here’s a tip: there’s a better one out there. We have stumbled upon this pair of superhero leg lamps, using the lower limbs of Superman and Batman as stands.

These pieces of furniture, officially licensed from DC Comics, make great conversation starters without having to explain the story behind it. They also make awesome additions to one’s superhero collection or accents to a very kitschy home.

Standing at 20 inches, including the lamp shades, these superhero lamps offer a unique way to illuminate your bedroom or living room, both literally and visually. It provides 40 watts of luminescence and the leg lights up as well, just like in the original.

You can choose between the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader, each costing $34.99.

Source: Mashable

Image source: Mashable

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