Super Mario Power-Up! Energy Drink

Super Mario Power-Up Energy Drink

Cans and bottles of energy drinks have been sprouting like mushrooms in shopping centers and 24-hour convenience stores, majority of which have brands named from animals characterized by their strength and/or agility such as bulls and snakes. Toros and cobras are advised to step back, for Super Mario is walking on their paths. Here goes the revenge of the geeks!

Regarded as Nintendo’s most delicious marketing technique, the new Super Mario Power Up! Energy Drink is available in blue raspberry flavor and is priced at £1.45 or $2.95 per can.

A gulp may not necessarily made you jump around all day like Mario’s doing in your console but it promises to give you the needed energy anyway. Kids who love the Super Mario Brothers may get frustrated since it’s clearly labeled "Product not intended for children". Lest one kid chose to drink in haste, he’ll turn into kuppa.

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