Sunlinq Folding Solar Charger

sunlinq folding solar charger

If you are sick and tired of buying alkaline batteries and disposing them every two months, you may want to shift to rechargeables, which you can juice up in the greenest possible way. At the 2009 CES, some companies displayed their solar chargers, to go with the conference’s green theme. All of them looked promising, but the Sunlinq folding solar charger stood up.

You can slip the Sunlinq folding charger easily into your purse or bag, ready to whip out in case you need some juice for your iPod to make your family picnic or other important events more enjoyable. This general-purpose solar charger has many connectors to connect to various cellular phone models as well as other electronic devices.

You can have the Sunlinq folding charger in sheets of 6.5, 12 or 24 panels. They are UV resistant and weatherproof. The flexibility also gives you a lot of scope to attach to many things, such as backpacks and clothing. When you are done, the device easily folds up into backpack. According to retailer Sundance Solar, the charger needs a day of full sun to charge two AA or AAA batteries. The solar charger is available for $160.

Image Source: Hippy Shopper

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