Sunartis Spoon Scale

sunaris spoon scale

One problem usually encountered while cooking is that a lot of dishes cannot be cooked out of sheer estimation. Every ingredient should have a precise measurement, but having small ingredients weighed and measured over and over can take so much time. Enter Sunartis and its unusual solution to the problem: a spoon scale. Why didn’t I think of that?

The Sunartis Spoon Scale can measure both solid or liquid ingredients down to the last 1/10 gram. Since it performs as a mini-weighing scale, small ingredients like dried herbs, oils, and especially those expensive spices like saffron can have exact measurements for your dishes.

The scale works just like any other spoon: scoop out the ingredients from its container, then (here comes the good part) check the easy-to-read LCD display to check on the weight. It looks like a funny gadget, for sure, a funny but useful gadget.

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