Sun and Moon Jars

sun and moon jars

Remember those fantastic bedtime stories about the sun or moon getting trapped in a bottle? Well, here’s something that allows you to store a little bit of sunshine when things get dark. A literally brilliant invention, the aptly-named Sun and Moon Jars are innovative LED glow lamps inside frosted Mason-style jars that charge through solar power during the day and emit up to five hours of natural light in bright, glowing shades at night.

How exactly does it work? Simple, just leave the jar right under the sun. Right under the lid is a solar-powered cell which then processes daylight via an electrical current to recharge a built-in battery. This allows the jar to automatically light up once it’s dark. You can also switch off the battery if you like. If you don’t like anything orangey and sunny, you can opt for a Moon Jar instead which emits a cool blue glow. These jars are also waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor activites such as camping or hiking trips. They can also be utilized as a funky accessory or detail for nighttime parties or as unique garden decor.

Winner of the Eco Friendly Gift of the Year Award bestowed by in 2007, the Sun and Moon Jars aren’t just eco-friendly but very cost-efficient and economical, because they cost you absolutely nothing to operate on–just 100% free sunlight. So this coming holiday season, you can now give some sunshine to your loved ones-literally.

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