Sue And Sue Some More: VirnetX Files Another Complaint Against Apple

Internet software company and notorious patent troll VirnetX officially announced last Friday that it is filing another infringement complaint against Apple over VirnetX’s four virtual private network patents, the same properties the company used to receive a whopping $368 million legal damage from Apple last week. Filed in the Eastern Texas District Court, VirnetX insists that Apple’s FaceTime software infringes on its VPN patents.

This time, however, VirnetX is going for the jugular as it seeks a widespread ban on Apple’s newest devices that have FaceTime capability namely the iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad 4th Generation, iPad Mini, and the latest Macintosh computers. All the said products were not included in VirnetX’s original complaint.

You can tell a company is a patent troll if its press releases contain nothing but news about its infringement lawsuits against a wide array of companies. But then again, Apple seems to be doing the same with Android.

Apart from Apple, VirnetX has also collected $200 million from Microsoft for violating two similar VPN patents. The holdings firm is in the midst of ongoing litigation against NEC Corporation, Cisco Systems, and Astra Technologies.

Source: The Next Web, via Apple Insider

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