Stylish Salt And Pepper Shakers

There are certain things that many people now take for granted. One reason is that some things become just so common that they simply no longer find them interesting or worth looking at. Sometimes, too much familiarity can cause that to happen. When people become too familiar with how a certain thing looks, they tend to overlook it most of the time. The only way to somehow prevent that is by giving something a new and unique look. One example is this stylish stainless steel salt and pepper shakers.

These stylish stainless steel salt and pepper shakers may be unlike any other condiment container that you might have seen. It is designed similar to a sharply angled tube that forms an inverted “V” shape when it stands. You might not think of it as a salt and pepper shaker art first glance. But once you get hold of it, you will realize that the angled joint has a magnet that sticks two of the stainless steel tubes together. Setting them apart and you will see the two tubes with holes on the attached end. You will then know that the two are actually salt and pepper shakers after all.

This stylish salt and pepper shakers are from Fine European Stuff and are designed to give you a unique and special design for those seemingly ordinary condiment containers that you might have at home. The stainless steel and the magnetic angle style of connecting the two shakers are certainly out of the ordinary. They will make you take a second look at them or even more whenever you chance upon them. You can have these unique stainless steel salt and pepper shakers for US$30 if you like them. You can further check them out at Amazon.

Image Source: Amazon

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