Study: Tablets Are Used Mainly for Gaming

Although Apple has claimed that the iPad is the best way to surf the World Wide Web, a recent study conducted by Google AdMob states that people are using tablet computers mainly for gaming.

In the survey, 84% of tablet users surveyed said they are using their gadget for playing games. Meanwhile, 78% of users are using tablets to “search for information,” 74% use it for e-mailing, and 56% utilize tablets for social networking.

In addition, 82% of tablet owners use their mobile device at home and 62% at night, making the tablet computer a very conducive tool for playing Angry Birds and other game-based apps.

Using the statistics, a typical tablet user would spend most of his time gaming, searching, and e-mailing after work, then leaving the tablets idle during weekends.

Click the source link for more details on the study.

Source: CrunchGear

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