Study Shows Kids Better with Computers than in Real Life

A new research conducted by University of Southern California shows that kids of today are able to do many technological tasks, but not with ones normally learned during childhood.

According to the study, one in five kids know how to use an iPad, but only 48 percent know their home address; around 66 percent can use a computer, but only around 33 percent can write their first and last names; 73 percent can use a mouse, but only 11 percent can tie their shoes; and while seven out of ten toddlers aged two and five can play online games, less than two in ten can swim unaided.

Child development experts said that the study show are parents are “cooping children” indoors more than ever. “By encouraging them to live a virtual screen-based existence, we are deadening their developmental drive and dumbing them down,” she said.

“What they need is real play with real people in order to develop properly.”

The survey, which was sponsored by Internet security company AVG, was conducted on 2,200 mothers in 11 countries.

Source: Daily Mail

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