Studio Stick Portable Recording Set

With the gadgets that are available today, people can conveniently do some things that may prove difficult in the past. It can be hard for people trying to capture the moment in their daily lives, that spur of the moment inspiration, with the limited technology of the past. But now that there are powerful smartphones available, anyone can document and even share what they have in mind, in real time. But as this convenience becomes available more and more, some people are starting to look at quality work when it comes to documenting their lives in audio.For those who look for quality audio recording production even while on the go, the Studio Stick Portable Recording Set may provide the solution.

The Studio Stick Portable Recording Set is for people who are always on the go. It is a portable recording setup that provides users with what is needed to record high quality audio practically anywhere. It is an ideal set up for musicians as well as for people who look for a means of enhanced voice recording when needed just about anywhere. It comes with its own microphone connected to filters that can improve the quality of recorded audio. There is also a smartphone or tablet holder that can be used for the studio app for mixing and editing recorded tracks. This portable studio can all be stored in a small 20-inch container that can be opened and expanded when in studio setup. It can also be adjusted according to the users height for precisely capturing sound as it should be.

With the Studio Stick Portable Recording Set, aspiring musicians and professionals can always have the option of recording fresh music created out of a spur of the moment burst of inspiration. There is no need to wait and head out to a fixed recording studio. Just the Studio Stick Portable Recording Set some quality music and audio content ready for sharing to the world, then it is a very useful day. The Studio Stick Portable Recording Set is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign where interested parties can pre-order the portable recording studio for around $274.

Image Source: Studio Stick

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