Strut Launchport iPad Charging System

Charging devices becomes an increasing hassle, now that people usually have multiple devices to deal with. Not only is it a problem having to find an available outlet to charge them all, the wires from their chargers can also get entangled to a mess just as easily. Having a more convenient means available, even for just one of those devices, can be a welcome option for most people. For iPad users, the Strut Launchport iPad Charging System might be one of them.

The Strut Launchport iPad Charging System consists of a unique pedestal base and an iPad case. The iPad case comes with a number of elegant designs to complement that of the popular tablet. But it works to provide the tablet with a means to wirelessly charge the device. When the case is paired to the Launchport pedestal, it charges the iPad wirelessly via inductive charging technology. Both the case and the dock attach to each other by powerful neodymium magnets. The base can also be rotated and tilted in a variety of ways.

The Strut Launchport case also comes with a waveguide system that allows the rear-facing iPad speaker to produce a greater audio volume and clarity while directing the sound forward. The Strut Launchport is designed to give a higher level of elegance not only to the iPad but also the way that it is being charged. It is expected to cost around US$1,250 to have this elegance and convenience handy.

Image Source: Launchport

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